Partners of the WOOD for HEALTH project

The consortium consists of seven partners: one university, three sector research institutes focused exclusively on various aspects of wood research, an architect company, two coating manufacturers. They bring into the project a high level of expertise in architecture, wood construction technology, wood and coating chemistry, health effects of natural compounds, microbiology, environmental and economic product assessment as well as scientific dissemination and industrial implementation. This is further added and complemented by knowledge and expertise of a number of collaborators from industry and academia, and by interacting with and drawing experiences from real life construction projects.

Lead partner: University of Oulu

University of Oulu (UOULU) with its 13 000 students and over 3000 employees is the main university in Northern Finland. Unit of Measurement Technology (MITY) is focused on applied research with notable success: in 2013-19 MITY had the third highest number of Invention Disclosures in UOULU, second only to complete Faculties of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering, and Technology. Biocenter Oulu Virus Core Facility was established in 2006, and offers services both inside of the university and to external customers and collaborators.

Partner: White Arkitekter

White Arkitekter (WHITE) is one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural practices. They are an employee-owned architecture collective of about 800 employees, with presence in Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, East Africa and Canada. Their head office is in Gothenburg, Sweden. They work with architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design with a sharp focus on sustainability. Today, about 25 per cent of White’s revenue comes from assignments in the healthcare sector and about 190 employees work in healthcare sector assignments. Their own research organization, White Research Lab, enables employees to do practice-based research, development and innovation both in-house and in collaboration with partners in academia, business, authorities, NGOs and others. Wood and Healthcare are two central fields of development within WRL.

Partner: Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research

Fraunhofer (WKI) is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. The department of Binder and Coatings at Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, WKI, covers the entire value chain for the development of wood coatings. Starting from the modification of monomers and polymer synthesis of resins for coatings and adhesives, the formulation of paint mixtures all the way to application techniques and testing and evaluation of finished products. For more than 10 years the research projects focus on the synthesis of resins based on renewables as an alternative to petrochemical raw materials. Next to biobased materials the focus is on additional properties like fire retardancy or antimicrobial properties.

Partner: The Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology

The Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology (NTI) is the R&D Center of the Norwegian wood industry with approximately 130 member companies. Established in 1949, NTI has many years of experience in planning, conducting, and implementing national and international research projects that are essential for the Norwegian wood industry. Besides R&D, NTI’s major activities are in the field of contract testing, technical consultancy, certification, and standardization work along the entire value-chain.

Partner: The Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry

The Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (LSIWC), founded in 1946, is a State R&D institute providing research and testing in the field of wood science, wood and polymer chemistry, biotechnology. The main priorities of the multidisciplinary scientific activities are: wood and wood materials with upgraded properties for construction: protection, modification, renovation, maintenance; a biorefinery approach for producing chemicals and products from wood, its components and waste and other types of biomass; obtaining of green chemistry products and green polymers from wood and plant biomass and its processing residues. LSIWC has a long-term experience in the study of wood degradation and protection with the aim to prolong the service life of wood and wood-based materials including development of coating compositions for retaining the wood surface’s decorative and physical properties. Beside the technological developments, LSIWC is seriously engaged in the study of wood degradation mechanisms.

Partner: Auro Pflanzenchemie AG

Auro Pflanzenchemie AG (AURO) is a consistent pioneer in the field of ecological natural paints, wood care and cleaning products. Their paints, varnishes, varnishes, oils, waxes, cleaning and care products made from natural materials are powerful and unique in their combination of quality and ecological orientation. The company was founded in 1983 as a GmbH, in 1998 it was converted into a stock corporation. AURO AG currently employs 45 people, 6 of whom work in research and development. The basic material of modern chemistry essentially consists of the non-renewable raw material crude oil. The material resources of future chemistry are abundantly available in our biosphere: the plants. The AURO company has been building on this raw material concept of the future since 1983.

Partner: Iecavnieks & Co, Ltd

Iecavnieks & Co, Ltd (Iecavnieks) is one of the largest cold-pressed oil producers in the Baltics. The brand "Paint Eco" combines natural products for wood surface coating, which includes centuries of knowledge of natural dyes. With reference to ancient linseed oil paint recipes, modern boiled linseed oil product lines were created. The manufacturer's product range includes boiled linseed oil, floor oil, paints, stains, waxes, etc. The manufacturer offers environmentally and human health friendly products - the Latvian Asthma and Aerology Association has recognized the company's products as suitable for use in rooms where people with allergies or asthma stay.