Iecavnieks & Co, Ltd

Iecavnieks & Co, Ltd (Iecavnieks) is one of the largest cold-pressed oil producers in the Baltics. The brand "Paint Eco" combines natural products for wood surface coating, which includes centuries of knowledge of natural dyes. With reference to ancient linseed oil paint recipes, modern boiled linseed oil product lines were created. The manufacturer's product range includes boiled linseed oil, floor oil, paints, stains, waxes, etc. The manufacturer offers environmentally and human health friendly products - the Latvian Asthma and Aerology Association has recognized the company's products as suitable for use in rooms where people with allergies or asthma stay.

Role in the project:

Iecavnieks & Co will mainly promote the development of the coatings WP3, the effect of temperature range and holding time on the polymerization properties of linseed oil, as well as the use of various additives to improve the coating properties and durability.

Key personnel:

Viktorija Šimkoviča is CEO of Iecavnieks & CO.

Relevant expertise:

Creator of the Paint Eco brand, which successfully develops products based on linseed oil.

Contact information:

Viktorija Šimkoviča

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: "Iecavnieki",  Iecavas novads, LV-3913, Latvia